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One Source to All Your M&A Integrations and Divestitures

Greater Heights

One Source to All Your M&A Integrations and Divestitures


A Multifaceted M&A Advisory Firm Serving Corporations

Our team at M&A Alliance, INC. in Silicon Valley, CA boasts of more than 20 years of experience and expertise in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, encompassing deal sourcing and negotiation as well as due diligence and post-close integration or divestiture activities.

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    Our Competitive Edge

    Over the years, our team has successfully closed over 80 M&A/divestiture and integration deals for diverse companies. We have generated a total of $25 billion with integration savings of $800 million for several partners such as SanDisk, eBay, VMware, and Cisco.

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    Our Industry Experience

    Throughout our years of service, we have conducted multiple due diligence activities, including TAM and GTM, with seller brokers. These include investment bankers, VCs, private equities, and other sources.

    We have reviewed teaser executive summary, signed CA, delivered detailed memorandums, and initial procedures letters and indications of interest received (LOI/SOI). Our team has set up data rooms to review legal, financial, HR, and other documents.

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    Our Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Visioning Planning
  • Shareholder Value-Creation Modeling
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Integration Planning and Execution
  • Acquisition and Divestiture Scenario Analysis
  • Executive Reporting Integration Roadmap
  • Integration Management Office (IMO)
  • Divestiture Management Office (DMO)
  • Synergies, TSAs, Gap Analysis
  • Blueprinting, Day 1 Readiness Integration and Divestiture Playbooks, and Training
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    Our Clients

  • Cisco
  • Gilead Science
  • Rambus
  • VMware
  • eBay
  • SanDisk
  • VeriSign
  • Xilinx
About Al Ansari

About Al Ansari

Al Ansari has over 20 years of expertise in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, encompassing Deal sourcing and negotiation, due diligence and post close integration or divestiture activities. Al has extensive experience in executive management, strategic planning and partnership, and management consulting. Al has successfully executed over 80 M&A/Divestiture and Integration deals for companies such as Cisco, Gilead Science, Rambus, Xilinx, eBay, VeriSign, SanDisk, AWT and more (a total of $25 billion with integration savings of $800 million).

Al conducted numerous due diligence activities including TAM and GTM with seller brokers such as investment bankers, VCs, Private Equities and other sources, reviewed teaser executive summary, signed CA, delivered detailed memorandum and initial procedures letters and indications of interest received (LOI/SOI), set up the data room to review Legal, Financial, HR, and other documents. As Director of M&A Integration at VMware, he was involved with six divestitures, one joint venture, and eight M&A deals with US and international footprint, totaling $2.5 billion, as well as the establishment of an M&A Center of Excellence for VMWare. Most recently, Al assisted Cisco with a review and establishment of their Divestiture methodology.

Unraveling the Mystery of M & A Integration and Divestiture Success

Al Book-ebook cover 04252020

This authoritative and practical guide examines common sense M&A and divestiture processes that achieve results through discovery, open communication, and strategic and timely execution. Learn important details covering:

  • The fundamentals of successful M&A integration and divestiture
  • Why guiding principles matter and how to assemble them
  • The integration and divestiture stage sand associated steps and processes
  • Acquisition models and how to map them to appropriate integration types
  • Divestiture types and challenges
  • Types of buyers and their economic benefits
  • The myth of reverse integration
  • M&A scenarios with proposed integration approaches

Broken down step-by-step, this essential resource provides valuable insights for leading your team and organization through a successful M&A integration and divestiture.

James Harris

Principal Corporate Development Integration, Google

M&A integration by nature is a constantly changing and challenging subject. Al has clearly spent years practicing the trade and provides a thoughtful and flexible framework to apply to M&A integration. Al's work differs from most books on M&A integration by focusing on the 'why' of integration vs just the 'how'. The book not only emphasizes on acquisitions, but the even more challenging work leading up to divestiture. I would highly recommend reading his book to anybody who is starting out on a M&A transaction either on the buy or sell side.

Brian Nichols

VP Integrations, NBCU Universal and formerly VMware

Al Ansari has written an indispensable guide to helping organizations successfully integrate their acquisitions or divest operations based on his decades of experience leading M&A work for well-known companies in Silicon Valley. M&A work is complicated and risky, and this book provides comprehensive framework on how achieve the intended business value of the transaction. Al leads you through the critical components required to complete a successful M&A throughout its Lifecyle. This a must read for executives in charge of ensuring your company achieves the synergies for an acquisition, and leaders tasked with executing the integrations across the companies’ operations. Acquisitions and divestitures no longer need to be chaotic or disorganized when applying Al’s sound advice and methodical approach to achieving M&A value!

Kevin Collins

Managing Director, Accenture

Within the first few pages of this book, it becomes clear that Al Ansari is writing from hard-won experience. He clearly diagnoses the problems that arise in trying to capture expected deal synergies and offers comprehensive but actionable solutions. Part front line reporting part integration handbook, this book will be a valuable resource for anyone charged with getting from deal close to value realization.

Tim Merrifield

Sr. Dir Corp Dev M&A Integration, Coupa Software

From someone who has experience with over 100 integration and divestiture efforts, I can attest to the artistic and nuanced nature of integration in any enterprise. Leaders, Founders, and in-the-trenches project managers would all benefit from the concepts and practical approaches outlined in Al's book as he does an amazing job of articulating and translating these artistic concepts into practical advice. I highly recommend this read to anyone in, or directly related to, the integration or divestiture tech-based deals.

Michael Newborn

Chief Information Security Officer, Navy Federal Credit Union

Unraveling the Mystery of M&A Integration and Divestiture Success is a comprehensive guide that will without a doubt become a valuable resource to anyone charged with the daunting task of integrating or divesting a company. Highly readable and documented by real life experience from a veteran of integration and divestiture, Al Ansari’s book asks and answers the right questions.

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